How Does A Discovery Call Look Like And What To Expect?

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Website discovery call is the first conversation between the Client and the Agency. It shouldn’t be too formal or too casual, but it should still provide substantive answers to major questions. It’s a thorough one-on-one conversation with the goal of gathering crucial information about the project. The website discovery session, is conducted between the project team and client to understand a business inside out. That’s when both parties determine if they’re a good fit for each other. As a result, it necessitates both asking extensive questions and offering detailed and comprehensive It requires both sides asking in-depth questions and providing detailed answers.

Before the discovery call, the Agency will conducts research on the Client. It’s crucial to get to know each other and knowing the problems and requirements of the Client are critical to meet their expectations and needs.

Discovery’s call first step to recognize the needs of the Client and move forward. If it turns out that both the Client and Agency shares the same goals and level of provided service is in line with the Clients preferences, it can only get better.

Who needs to be involved during the website discovery call?

Having a representative from each company is beneficial. It is important that the website discovery call is attended by a decision-maker who will also be the point of contact when discussing each stages of the project.

How long should a discovery session be?

There is no rigid frames regarding the duration of a discovery call. The meeting should cover all topics relevant to the project and answer questions from both sides. Typically, discovery calls lasts one to one and a half hours, but can be longer depending on the size of the project.

What questions to expect during a discovery call?

A discovery call is a two-way dialogue between both company representatives to gather crucial information before starting a potential project together. This is an opportunity to explain details of the project, work, each step.

Below there are several most common and essential questions and topics that can be brought up during a discovery call.

  1. Tell me about your company

It’s an introductory question about your company that allows to demonstrate the core of the company and as well as the values and mission of the business. This is the right time to present the company to the other side and give them a general view of the business, so they can get a better understanding of what’s the best solution for you.

2. What are you looking for?

This is an important question to ask in order to show your contractors the direction you want to head. This is the greatest time to explain why you require a specific solution, design, or application.

3. What is the overall goal of your website and primary purpose of the new website?

This is the right time to carefully analyze the main reason of your website, whether it is a typical informational page or sales page. What action should your clients take after they enter your website and whats the main goal you want to reach with your new website.

4. What solutions does your competition have?

To give a better understanding of what you goals and expectations are it’s best to know the solutions your main competitors have and does it work for them. Checking the competition, also known as benchmarking, is a great approach to assess your ideas. This helps both parties involved in the discovery call to have a far better knowledge of your project.

5. Who is your primary audience?

For a design to be user centered and with the user in mind it is very important to understand who the target customer is. The agency will concuct a thorough analysis but still it’s best introduce your audience during the discovery call.

6. What budget do you have for this project? How to best use it?

Transparency and complete openness in all matters, including those such as a project’s budget, makes the situation clear from the start. The project is priced based on your expectations and needs and how advanced and extensive the project is. Some agencies offer a subscription plan for clients who have ongoing needs. Agencies also have a minimum engagement fee from which the valuation of the project begins.

7. Do you have any questions for us?

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