Working across time zones. How to make it work.

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Nowadays, working online is the norm. Remote work, especially recently, is gaining popularity.

IT outsourcing is a common service. Companies are taking advantage of the widespread offshoring, i.e. hiring employees from other, more distant countries. This is a great option, but you have to reckon with the fact that by establishing cooperation with other countries, for example with a company from Australia, you agree to work in different time zones.

And that, even with good work organization, can prove to be quite a challenge. How to work in different zones effectively and without obstacles? Is it feasible?

The challenges of working in different time zones

Working in different zones is undoubtedly quite a challenge for both parties. For example, let’s imagine that a company from Poland outsources to a company from the USA. The time difference between the two countries is as much as 6 hours. When one company starts the work, the other company basically finishes it.

It will always be more inconvenient for someone and require more sacrifice in terms of time spent on communication between companies. Very often, the answers that we want very quickly, we will get only after a long time. Sometimes it is difficult to get fast technical support or possibility to contact immediately. It is also worth taking into account cultural differences, and thus – different dates of holidays and public holidays.

Is this kind of work possible

Of course, working in different time zones is possible! What is more, with good organization of our work, establishing in advance between one company and another the rules of common communication and full consistency of actions, this work can run fully smoothly and effectively.

Useful tips for working in different time zones

Set a plan with your entire team

First of all, the whole team should be informed about the fact that the company is working with someone from another time zone. Usually, the entire team is not assigned to such a project, only a few members. It is worth establishing all plans, days and working hours. This is the basis for starting cooperation with a foreign client.

Have a continuous view of the time in another zone

Although sometimes we may think that we have everything under control and remember that there is a time difference of X hours between us and the other company, sometimes in the rush of various orders, tasks, emails and meetings we may get lost or forget. When calculating what time it is in New York, even the greatest scientific mind can get confused if it has many other things on its mind. Anyway, for that matter, you should make this task easier for yourself and at the same time save time for unnecessary calculation and checking of zones. For example, there are many convenient applications, thanks to which we can quickly check what time it is at this moment in any place in the world.

Know when to be flexible

One thing to remember about how to overcome time zone differences is to be transparent about where you are located, and also your working hours. For example, maybe you are in New York City. A common assumption is that someone’s working hours are “standard” 9pm to 5pm or 9pm to 6pm; however, location does not always equal working hours.

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