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Single Projects

Contact us through our contact form or via e-mail. We'll get in touch as soon as possible. 

We usually schedule a discovery call through Zoom or Google Meet to go over the needs and expectations of our future clients and to discuss the process in more detail. 

Our pricing depends on the scope of work and extensity of the website. Commonly, the hourly rates start from $60 for a web designer and go up depending on the level of expertise. Generally, a 6-8 page marketing website starts from $3500.


All our single project proposals and offers are based on our hourly rates, even though we work with a fixed budget most of the time.

The website design process is divided into the following steps:

* Discovery & Research → Identity → UX Design → Visual Design (iterative) → Development (QA testing) → Launch

1. Discovery phase- in this phase we carry out project research, create personas, pain points, business goals, user goals, and follow industry best practices.

2. Website structure
We start with creating low fidelity wireframes, with an Information architecture, sitemap, and user-flows for apps.

3. Design concept and layout design
Visual positioning, mood-boards, 3-5 concepts of the homepage, high-fidelity mockup, interactive prototype.

4. Visual design
Web page visual design application.

5. Web structure & development
Implementing all pages and content in the CMS of choice. Developing web pages and components.

6. Visual content
Iconography, illustrations, photography style.

7. Integrations
Third-party integrations: Google Tag, a/b testing tools, CRM, APIs, etc.

Definitely. You own the rights to every design/website we create.

Get in touch with us. Let us know what your pain points are, and how we can best help you deliver great results for your customers.

We offer a 45 day guarantee where we fix technical issues and carry out plugin updates, free of charge. The maintenance services after the 45 day period such as plugin updates (applicable to WP development), server maintenance, website updates are included in the subscription plans.

For single projects we do not offer maintenance, after the 45 days period that is.

We do provide you with the wireframes, and high-fidelity website/app mockups before going into development. We do work in weekly sprints, therefore you will have an active part in the whole research-to-design-to-development process. 

If you do not have time to actively participate in every design meeting, we'll provide you with a link to a prototype so that you can leave your feedback at any convenience.

Subscription Plans

In the case of a fixed price project, we usually offer 3-5 revisions on an iterative approach. When purchasing a subscription plan we offer unlimited rounds of revisions.

The maintenance services such as plugin updates (applicable to WP development), server maintenance, website updates are included in the subscription plans. For single projects we do not offer maintenance, only a 45 days guarantee after the website hand-off.

Each subscription may be canceled one week before the start of the next billing month. Thus, all work will be paused after 30 days have passed since the subcription payment. 

If you’re an existing customer and want to refer your friends to us, your friend will get a 10% discount and you will receive a 10% of their recurring payment each month. Send us enough referrals, and you can get our service for FREE. Not to mention, you can also make a little bit of cash on the side.

If it is a standard 10 page website, we allocate around 20-40 hours on design and 20-50 hours on front-end development.

An approximate estimated time for a full website build is 3-8 weeks, 1-2 weeks for a landing page, all depending on your project requirements.
Our main goal is to put you on the right track to success and we'll suggest you the option that would work best for you.

Keep in mind, that when we state any estimates we include all the other development and management tasks.

Yes, definitely! We follow the full product development process, from UX, to design, to development. We can work with the design files to deliver a pixel perfect website on either Webflow or WordPress, as well deliver a ready-to-develop designs. 

When designing an app or a website we always have future development in mind, so rest assured, we'll make sure the designs are not out-of-this-world complex and difficult to recreate.

Yes! We can increase your plan to include as many active projects as you’d like. Email us at hello@designmesocial.eu to upgrade your plan.

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