How to choose colors for a website? Color psychology in a nutshell

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Studies show that color can boost brand recognition by up to 80%. Most customer decisions about whether they like a product are made primarily because of its appearance. Find out how the psychology of color works. Learn the rules of their selecting for the website. Learn what tools are worth using.

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Website analytic 3d rendering

Color psychology in business

When designing a website, it helps to know how colors affect the users. It’s no coincidence that big brands like Facebook, Twitter and PayPal have blue logos, and the buttons on well-known online stores like Amazon and Alibaba are orange.

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Amazon orange button – color psychology in business

Behavioral psychology deals with the psychology of color, which describes exactly how colors affect human behavior in all areas of life. The impact of color on human perception is enormous. According to many key studies, color directly influences consumers, determines their mood, and even projects reactions.

Color selection is important when creating a website, especially when choosing a website color scheme. This can be seen, for example, by observing the color scheme of sites aimed primarily at women or men. Research shows that gender affects color perception. Gender preferences, those based on nationality or those related to age are not limited and fixed, but it is worth taking them into account when planning the look of a website.

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Beautyclub – designme agency app design mockup

How important color psychology is in business is shown by the example of Google. In 2012, the company conducted a study analyzing its users’ reactions to fifty shades of blue (the color blue is liked by each gender). Google counted the number of clicks on commercial links, comparing it with the color. By doing so, it was able to choose the shade of blue that best influenced users and prompted Internet users around the world to click on the link. According to official data, the use of this particular shade of blue increased the company’s profits by $200 million in 2013 alone. There is no doubt – it is worth applying color psychology to your website. What colors to choose? Let’s take a look at their meaning.

The importance of colors in web design – see examples

When designing a website and its color scheme, it is important to consider who you are creating it for and what that person’s experience may be. The meaning of colors depends on many factors. In one culture a particular color may mean mourning, in another it may be associated with happiness. Also, according to research, women prefer different colors than men.

The significance of the White color

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designme agency – website design mobile white

The color white signifies purity and peace. In the West, it is associated with marriage, birth, as well as silence, joy, hope or radianc, while in the East and some parts of Africa, white stands for unhappiness and death, while in China, it stands for absence and expectation. When it comes to website color schemes, a currently popular trend is to use white to create a sense of freedom and space. Therefore, white is often used as the background of websites.

The significance of the Black color

Foxforce wide@2x edited
foxforce media – website design

In western civilizations, black can speak to pain, despair, sadness, but also elegance, and sophistication. In the East, nobility, mystery, secretiveness and evil. In e-commerce black is associated with luxury. In addition, this color pleases men. It’s no coincidence that Lamborghini website is prepared in this color.

The significance of the Blue color

Around the world, shades of blue are associated with cold, calm, and sadness. In the West blue is introversion, nostalgia, faith, peace, desire, in the East purity freshness, melancholy. In Egypt in the time of the pharaohs this color brought good luck. In Japan it is associated with aggression, in China with wisdom. Blue calms and is one of the most beloved colors around the world. By using it on your website, you are subtly letting your customer know that your brand is credible. Facebook, PayPal and many banks use blue.

The significance of the Green color

The color green around the world is associated with life, energy, nature. In the West, green is rest, satisfaction, but also anticipation or melancholy. In the U.S., green is prosperity and money, and in Italy it is bad luck. Green is good for brands associated with nature, outdoor, ecology. It also works great as a button color and CTA.

The significance of the Orange color

Orange means energy and joy. In the West it means sunshine, warmth, activity and in Japan it means love. This color suggests urgency, stimulates action, so it is often used on websites as a CTA button.

The significance of the Yellow color

beelemon wide edited
beelemon – website design

Yellow throughout the world means intellect, knowledge, light. In the West it stands for enlightenment, wisdom, truth, but also madness and strength. In the East, on the other hand, it symbolizes authority and power and wealth. Research shows that yellow stimulates the brain centers responsible for mental activity, but also anxiety. Therefore, it is worthwhile to use yellow on the website occasionally – it is best that this little bit of anxiety resulted in clicking the banner.

Rules of the color selection for website design

Colors influence consumer behavior too much to base the choice of a website’s color scheme only on personal preferences or chance. How to choose colors for a website to have a positive impact on, among other things, conversion?

Think about your target audience

Think about who you are addressing and what feelings you want to evoke in them. Consider color symbolism based on geographic location. Think about gender preferences and those related to the age of users. Leave preconceptions behind, be guided by customer preferences. When choosing a color for your target group, it is worth paying attention to several pieces of information.

Color choice and gender

Women tend to gravitate more towards shades of blue, green and purple, men usually prefer blue, green and black. Men generally have trouble distinguishing light purple from pink, while women are much better at distinguishing shades of green, yellow and blue. Women, unlike men, prefer brighter colors.

Color selection vs geographical location

The color of mourning in the West is black, in China white. The symbolism of colors changes depending on the era and civilization, the main influence is due to random historical events. In Europe, women wear all colors of clothing and tend not to pay attention to their symbolism. In India, on the other hand, each color has its own meaning, and the same is true in China.

Color choice and age

The older we get, the less important color becomes when choosing a product (e.g., the color of a phone). Functionality is more important. Young people prefer brighter and bolder colors than older people. a age

Decide how many colors you want to use

When it comes to choosing colors, it is a good idea to follow the 60-30-10 rule. 60% of the color scheme of the page should be occupied by the main color, 30% by the secondary color, and 10% by the accent color. Ideally, the color scheme of the page should consist of 3 to 5 shades.

Choose your color combination

You can use a color wheel. This is a set of all the colors placed on a wheel. With several methods, you can choose the right shades that will almost always match. Popular color selection rules are:

  • analog – these are colors that lie side by side, building a sense of harmony.
  • monochromatic – these are shades of one color, lying on a single line.
  • triad – is based on choosing three colors 120 degrees apart.

Tools such as Adobe Color or others can help with color selection. Let’s take a closer look at them.

Colors per page – useful tools

Colors for a website will be better suited if you use special tools for this purpose. Here are the most popular ones:

  • Google Adobe Color – allows you to easily select colors for your website. The main tool is color wheel, where you can select colors using available options such as triad, analog, complementary or monochrome colors. It is also possible to choose your own set of colors. Adobe is free.
  • Color Spire – a free tool with a simple interface. It makes it easy to create a scheme consisting of five colors. The user in the program can set the colors he plans to use in the background and on the page and quickly see if they match.
  • Color Wheel – a tool that makes suggestions for additional colors to match the one we selected.
  • Color Grab – real-time color recognition application. It uses the camera features of your phone and determines the color of a specific object.
  • Convertacolor – helps you convert a color name from RGB to CMYK, for example.

All programs listed are available online.

Color psychology matters

foxforce media mobile edited
foxforce media – color psychology matters

Color psychology influences our purchasing decisions. It’s a fact. There are colors that make us feel better, smell better, but also those that wash or sell better, and even heal. Numerous studies confirm that colors directly affect the feelings of users, so it is worth, when designing a website, to pay attention to their symbolism and color preferences of the target group. When a website appeals to consumers, it encourages them to contact you, sign up for a newsletter or click on a CTA.

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